Magazine YoungGuitar interlocking project! “I tried playing OIRAN” winners announced!!

Informtaion 2021.02.11 up

Thank you for your many posts.
We apologize for the long wait, and we are announcing the “I tried playing OIRAN” video awards! The members looked closely and chose.

YoungGuitar Award

(22) I tried playing OIRAN/NEMOPHILA – YouTube
(22) RYO – YouTube
(2) RYO (@Ryotwin2) / Twitter

(22) I tried playing NEMOPHILA/OIRAN – YouTube
(22) Takatsugu – YouTube
(2) Takatsugu (@Takatsugu_d) / Twitter

☆special favor☆
・SAKI & Hazuki autographed photo
・Picks used by SAKI & Hazuki

[Glen Russell]

(22) I tried playing OIRAN – YouTube
(22) Glen Russell – YouTube
(2) glen russell (@guitaronblood) / Twitter

(22) [NEMOPHILA] I played OIRAN! [Hazuki’s part] –YouTube
(22) KAZZki – YouTube
(2) KAZZki (@PDGB_KAZZki) / Twitter

[Tama guitar]
(22) NEMOPHILA – OIRAN(Cover the guitar) – YouTube
(22) Tama guitar – YouTube

☆special favor☆
・T-shirt with “Killer Guitars” logo signed by all members
・Postcard designed by Hazuki

The last is Grand prize!!

(22) Played in the NEMOPHILA OIRAN band – YouTube
(22) hirochang – YouTube
(2) hirochang (@hirochang6) / Twitter

☆special favor☆
・Combining the video of NEMOPHILA and the video of “hirochang”, a virtual co-star on YouTube is realized!
・Invitation to an audience live + Take a photo with you and all the members

*About future contact*
We will send you a DM from NEMOPHILA’s official Twitter account. Please enable DM reception in advance.

*to [Tama guitar]
We couldn’t find your Twitter account, so please email us at the address below.

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