NEMOPHILA ZEPP TOUR 2022 ~虎穴には入らずんば虎子を得ず


  • 2022/06/03 Zepp福岡MUCC
  • 2022/06/10 Zepp名古屋Pass Code
  • 2022/06/11 Zepp大阪LOUDNESS
  • 2022/06/18 Zepp札幌氣志團
  • 2022/06/24 Zepp羽田ROTTENGRAFFTY

Members Voice

  • mayu
    I'm really grateful that NEMOPHILA's first tour is the Zepp tour. I am very happy to be able to perform live with artists who are too amazing in various places!
    I want to make a good live performance by fully showing our uniqueness !!
  • SAKI
    Not to mention the first Zepp tour, I'm really happy that all the seniors who respect me like this will join us! I want to be able to show you something that goes beyond the previous live, and I want to grow through this tour. Please come to NEMOPHILA's first tour!
  • Hazuki
    NEMOPHILA's first anti-van tour! I feel that I will be doing LIVE again with amazing people!! LIVE that can only be enjoyed on the spot on that day! I want to meet everyone all over the country as soon as possible!
  • Haraguchisan
    I haven't caught up with the sudden Zepp tour with the gorgeous people from the band, but ...! !! As the title says, it's a big step for NEMOPHILA, so we want to make our sound roar without hesitation. And I want to make people muffled!
  • Tamu Murata
    First tour, and Zeep! !! And after all, it's a battle with wonderful artists. I am very happy to be with you!! ! I'm looking forward to seeing you all over the world 😊 !! All performances will be on a good stage! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!



Zepp Fukuoka

OPEN 17:15 / START 18:00

Tel 0570-09-2424 (平日・土 11:00-17:00)


Zepp Nagoya

OPEN 17:45 / START 18:30

Tel 052-320-9100 (全日 12:00-18:00)

Worldwide live distribution decision !!

Live distribution: 06.11.sat 17: 45 ~
* Archive delivery is available until 06.18.sat
★ Delivery ticket ¥ 4,000
04.03.sun 10: 00 ~

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Zepp Osaka Bayside

OPEN 17:00 / START 17:45

Tel 0570-200-888 (月-土 11:00-16:00)


Zepp Sapporo

OPEN 17:00 / START 17:45



Zepp Haneda (TOKYO)

OPEN 17:45 / START 18:30

Tel 050-5533-0888 (平日12:00-15:00)