SAKI & Hazuki will appear on “SHOW-YA” Live!

Live 2022.07.30 up

NEMOPHILA Gt. SAKI and Hazuki will perform at the solo distribution live of “SHOW-YA”, a senior band that debuted 37 years ago this year!
We will be performing X JAPAN’s “Beni” in collaboration with SHOW-YA!

<Music to be performed
Beni” (X JAPAN) ★Guest Guitarist★ SAKI and Hazuki (from NEMOPHILA)
Ah, Mujo (Anne Lewis)
The Cruel Angel’s Thesis” (Yoko Takahashi)
Ame no Moyo (Love Affair in the Rain) (Aki Yatsushiro)

And look forward to more SHOW-YA tunes!
Please note that the music may be subject to change for certain reasons. Please be forewarned.

<Performance Outline> “SHOW-YA x COVERS

Distribution date: September 3, 2022 (Sat.) 18:00 – Distribution begins
■Viewing ticket fee: ¥4,000 (tax included) plus handling charge
Archived distribution: After the distribution on September 3 – September 10 (Sat.) 23:59
Ticket sales period: July 30 (Sat) 12:00 – September 10 (Sat) 21:00
■Receiving URL: Please purchase from the following website.


*Tickets will be sold at ZAIKO.
*Registration to a ZAIKO account is required to purchase tickets and view videos.
Please check the ZAIKO website for the latest information on “precautions,” “recommended environment for watching videos,” and “communication environment.

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