Magazine YoungGuitar interlocking project! We are looking for videos of “I tried playing OIRAN”

Informtaion 2020.07.19 up

From Aug. 10th on the YoungGuitar website, “I tried playing OIRAN!” SAKI & Hazuki’s one-point lesson video will be released. Watch this and make a video using the guitarless sound source on the NEMOPHILA website and upload it to YouTube or Twitter! The performance does not have to be a complete copy.

(Application period: Aug. 7th to Sep. 12th, 2020 23:59)

Click here to download the guitarless sound source ↓
・OIRAN/SAKI Guitar Off Ver.
・OIRAN/Hazuki Guitar Off Ver.

You can watch a performance video of SAKI or Hazuki’s guitar turned off on the NEMOPHILA YouTube channel.

NEMOPHIA YouTube channel

The following prizes will be given to excellent works!

● Grand Prize
Combining the video of NEMOPHILA and the video of “hirochang”, a virtual co-star on YouTube is realized!
Invitation to an audience live + Take a photo with you and all the members

● YoungGuitar Award
① SAKI & Hazuki autographed photo
② Picks used by SAKI & Hazuki

① T-shirt with “Killer Guitars” logo signed by all members
② Postcard designed by Hazuki

Please follow the steps below to apply on Twitter.

① Follow two Twitter accounts
YOUNG GUITAR account (@young_guitar)

② Add hashtags and mentions to the posted text
・ hashtag
・ mention
@NEMOPHILA_band @young_guitar

We will send a DM to the winners. Please enable DM reception in advance.

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