11/8(Wed.) Same release! Cover EP & Live Blu-ray Store purchase privilege is unveiled!

Informtaion 2023.09.04 up

The cover EP and the live Blu-ray, which will be released simultaneously on November 8, 2023 (Wed.), are now available for purchase in stores!

● Cover EP “The Initial Impulse”
Form: 2CD
Price including tax: 2,200 yen
Included in the package.
[CD1] Slipknot / (sic) + 3 other songs [CD2] 1. Original music

List of benefits
Tower Records: Original bonus sticker (Tower Records ver.)
HMV: Original bonus sticker (HMV ver.)
Disk Union: Original bonus sticker (Disk Union ver.)
Rakuten Books: Original bonus sticker (Rakuten Books ver.)
Joshin Nihonbashi Diskopia and Joshin web store only: NEMOPHILA artist photo sticker

Live Blu-ray “NEMOPHILA 4th Anniversary -Rizing NEMO
Recorded at Tokyo Garden Theater on July 17, 2023
Form: Blu-ray
Price including tax: 7,800 yen
Included in the package.
REVIVE, 2.RAITEI, 3.RISE, 4.ONIKAN, 5.Back into the wild, 6.STYLE, 7.ADABANA, 8.GAME OVER, 9.Change the world, 10.Blooming, 11.Rollin’Rollin FIGHTER, 13.Night Flight, 14.MONSTERS, 15.ZEN, 16.Waiting for you, 17.DISSENSION, 18.SORAI, 19.Seize the Fate, En1.OIRAN, En2.Life

List of benefits
Tower Records: Family crest acrylic key holder
HMV: Original can badge
Disk Union: Comment DVD-R
Rakuten Books: Blu-ray jacket design sticker
Original postcard (print) with autographs, exclusive to Joshin Nihonbashi Diskopia and Joshin web store

We are planning to sell them at NEMOPHILA SHOP as well. Details will be announced at a later date.

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