2nd album “Seize the Fate” released!

Informtaion 2022.09.29 up

NEMOPHILA 2nd album “Seize the Fate” to be released on December 14 (Wed)!

Seize the Fate (Limited First Edition) DDCZ-9074
CD+Blu-ray ¥6,000 (excluding tax)

Seize the Fate (Normal Edition) DDCZ-2289
CD ¥3,000 (excluding tax)

11 songs in total

<Original store purchase privilege

TOWER RECORDS: 5 types of acrylic key holders (blind, one per purchase)
First issue DDCZ-9074
Normal disc DDCZ-2289

HMV: 2 sets of can badges
NEMOPHILA|Search|HMV&BOOKS online [English Site]

Rakuten: Original sticker

Joshin: Original postcard with signature (print)

Disk Union: Comment DVD-R

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