NEMOPHILA 2nd album “Seize the Fate” purchase privilege visual released!

Informtaion 2022.12.05 up

<Original store purchase privilege
TOWER RECORDS: 5 types of acrylic key holders (blind, one per purchase)

First pressing DDCZ-9074
Normal Disc DDCZ-2289

■HMV: 2 can badges set
NEMOPHILA|Search|HMV&BOOKS online [English Site]

First pressing DDCZ-9074
Normal Disc DDCZ-2289

■Rakuten: Original sticker

■Joshin: Original postcard with signature (print)



<NEMOPHILA SHOP limited set contents> <NEMOPHILA SHOP limited set contents> <NEMOPHILA SHOP limited set contents
“Seize the Fate” bonus Blu-ray 《NEMOPHILA MV collection + Whisky a go go MAKING & OIRAN(LIVE) video》.

“Seize the Fate” bonus pouch

“Seize the Fate” bonus can badges (set of 2)

NEMOPHILA SHOP purchase privilege
One of five solo photos autographed by each member will be enclosed at random per purchase.

Seize the Fate” bonus Blu-ray
M1.雷霆 -RAITEI- [MV]
M5. Oni Lantern [MV]
M6.A Ray Of Light [MV]
M7. adabana [MV]
M9.Seize the Fate [MV]
Whisky a go go MAKING
OIRAN (Whisky a go go LIVE)

The contents of the limited set are the same for both the standard and first-run limited editions.

<Details of the subject product
Wednesday, December 14, 2022!

Seize the Fate (Limited First Edition) DDCZ-9074
CD+Blu-ray ¥6,000 (excluding tax)

Seize the Fate (Normal Edition) DDCZ-2289
CD ¥3,000 (excluding tax)

CD Contents
Seize the Fate
Back into the wild
Rock’n Roll Is?
Waiting for you
Now I here
A Ray Of Light
Soaring ~to be continued~.

Blu-ray content】※Only for the limited first edition
NEMOPHILA Zepp Tour 2022: If you don’t go in the tiger hole, you won’t get the tiger cubs (2022.6.11) *Only NEMOPHILA’s 11 songs will be included.
FAIRY / SHOW-YA + NEMOPHILA MASTERWORKS PRESENTS Tora-ana Extravaganza “NEMOPHILA vs SHOW-YA” @ KT Zepp Yokohama (2022.9.29)

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