Tower Records release commemorative measures!

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Special Receipt Policy with a Personal Message!
Customers who purchase NEMOPHILA “Seize the Fate 2023” Blu-ray (DDXZ-1002) to be released on May 24 (Wed.) at
Tower Records stores will receive a special receipt with a personal message printed on it!

Period】 5/23 (Tue) – 6/5 (Mon)
*Online purchases are not eligible.
Online customers who place an order by Monday, June 5 will be entered into a drawing to win an original copy of the message.
Winners will be announced upon delivery of the prizes.

NEMOPHILA Blu-ray “Seize the Fate 2023” Release Commemorative Panel Exhibition to be held at 4 locations nationwide!
In commemoration of the release of NEMOPHILA Blu-ray “Seize the Fate 2023” on May 24,
2023 (Wed.), a panel exhibition will be held at the following Tower Records stores!

Customers who purchase NEMOPHILA Blu-ray “Seize the Fate 2023” at participating stores during the period will be entered into a drawing to win a personally autographed panel.
Please stop by Tower Records stores where the panel exhibition is being held during the period!

Panel exhibition stores】 【Shops where the panel exhibition is held
Shinjuku Store
Abeno Hoop Store
Nagoya Kintetsu Passé
Fukuoka Parco Store

Panel Lottery Number Distribution Period
Please check the websites of the above stores.

How to apply
One raffle ticket will be given to each person who purchases NEMOPHILA Blu-ray “Seize the Fate 2023” (DDXZ-1002) at the above stores. Please keep the raffle ticket with you until the winning number is announced.
*The exhibition and distribution period may be extended by each store. Please check with each store.
*Please contact each store for the announcement date and time of prize exchange.
Winners can only receive their winning panels at the store of purchase. Delivery is not available.
*The gift will be the actual panel on display. There may be stains or scratches on the panels. In that case, we cannot exchange it. Please understand.
*Please note that you cannot choose the prizes.
*Please note that the schedule of measures is subject to change or cancellation without notice.

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